Local body elections  |  3 Sep 2019

A free mobile app, Celect, is giving Christchurch voters an easy way to view candidate profiles ahead of October’s local body elections.

Developed by Christchurch City Council, Celect lets voters browse candidate profile and shortlist their favourite candidates. It will also help you find out what ward you live in and give you information on when and how to vote.

“Every election year, we hear from people about how they want to take their vote seriously,” says Christchurch City Council Electoral Officer Jo Daly.

“Celect provides easy digital access to candidate information and makes it easy for people to access information they need to make an informed vote.’’

Celect was first introduced in 2016. It has been refreshed for 2019 to include information about candidates standing for election to Christchurch City Council, Environment Canterbury and the Canterbury District Health Board.

The app has also been updated so you can receive notifications about important election and voting dates.

“Celect means you can have the information you need to know about the local elections in your pocket. It is available now so you don’t have to wait until your voting papers arrive in the mail before you start looking at who you might want to vote for,’’ Ms Daly says.

You can download Celect free from the App Store or Google Play. Find out more.

Full candidate profiles and images are also available at ccc.govt.nz/elections

Voting papers for the local body elections should start arriving in eligible voters’ letterboxes from 20 September.

Voting closes at noon on Saturday 12 October. Progress results will be announced later that afternoon.