Planning for the future  |  2 May 2019

An international summit focusing on the future of transport and how we move around is being held in Christchurch next week.

The two day Intelligent Transport Systems New Zealand conference, T-Tech, will examine emerging transport solutions to make our cities more liveable and efficient and will feature presentations by leading innovators, industry experts and academics.

A future ahead road graphic

The future of transport is the focus of an international summit in Christchurch on 6 and 7 May.

Councillor Vicki Buck, who chairs Christchurch City Council’s Innovation and Sustainable Development Committee, is delighted Christchurch has been chosen as the venue for the conference.

“As a smart city and test-bed for emerging technology, the whole innovation ecosystem is crucially important to Christchurch. We’re embracing the conference as an opportunity to learn and exchange ideas about clever and sustainable transport solutions that may benefit our cities,’’ Cr Buck says.

The conference, which is being held in the restored Town Hall, will begin on Monday with a look at some major transformative transport modes, followed by papers and presentations from across New Zealand industry and academia.

On day two of the conference, challenges including climate change, transport equality and behaviour change will be examined, along with emerging mobility innovations, business models, and policy designed to help pave the way for change.

Conference speakers include Horace Dediu, the world’s most renowned expert on micro-mobility (scooters, e-bikes and shared vehicles) and multi-award winning nanotechnologist Dr Michelle Dickinson, who will lead a discussion on opportunities to address climate change in transport and mobility.

Christchurch City Council Head of Transport Richard Osborne says the conference offers an opportunity to learn about new technologies and to explore solutions that could make transport more sustainable, efficient and safer.

“We need to be well informed on the trends, challenges and opportunities in the transport sector so that we can plan for the future and ensure that Christchurch stays at the forefront of transport innovations,’’ Mr Osborne says.