Council updates  |  5 Aug 2022

Christchurch City Council is meeting at 9.30am on Thursday 11 August. The main items on the agenda for the public part of the meeting are:

  • The monthly reports from the Community Boards outlining the significant issues and projects in their areas.
  • A report from the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board recommending the Council approve an Expression of Interest process be undertaken for the former Opawa Children’s Library building to determine whether any outside organisations have an interest in acquiring the building.
  • A report from the Papanui-Innes Community Board recommending the Council gifts the MacFarlane Park Centre in Acheson Avenue to the Shirley Community Trust for $1.
  • A report from the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board recommending the Council give High Performance Sport New Zealand a four-year lease on the Apollo Centre. 
  • A report from the Coastal-Burwood Community Board recommending the Council receives a 169 signatory petition requesting a stopbank around Brooklands Lagoon.
  • A report that recommends gifting the Hornby Library building in Goulding Avenue to the Hornby Community Care Trust once the new Hornby library, customer service and south-west leisure centre is complete.
  • A report that recommends the Council provide a loan of up to $750,000 to Piki Te Ora to support the purchase of the facility they are currently renting at 201 Linwood Avenue for use as a community health centre. The loan would be provided through the Council’s Community Organisation Loan Scheme.
  • Te Kaha Project Delivery Limited’s governance performance report for January to June 2022.

Read the full agenda.

The Council meeting will take place in the Council Chamber on the second floor of the Civic Offices in Hereford Street. The public are welcome to attend or to watch it on the live-stream.