21 Sep 2017

The committee overseeing construction of Christchurch’s new major cycle routes has settled on a design option for the Ferry Road section of the Heathcote Expressway.

An illustration showing the proposed design for the Ferry Rd cycleway.

A widened footpath with a clearly defined space for cyclists is planned for Ferry Road.

After considering three options the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee today decided to proceed with a design that provides for the use of Ferry Road's existing wide footpaths to accommodate one-way cycle paths.

There will be a physical separation between the space for cyclists and the space for pedestrian.

The two other options considered by the Committee were:

  • A design that provided for one-way cycle lanes on either side of Ferry Road. This option would have resulted in the loss of about 60 car parking spaces.
  • A design that provided for a two-way cycle lane on the south side of Ferry Road and the addition of a solid central median. This option would have allowed some more parking spaces to retained, but have would made it more difficult for people to access Ferry Rd properties.

Committee Chair Cr Pauline Cotter said after weighing the pros and cons of each of the three options and considering public feedback, the Committee felt widening the existing footpaths to accommodate one-lane cycle paths was the best option.

“We’ve had some very healthy community engagement around the different options and the one we’ve settled on appears to be agreeable to most,’’ Cr Cotter said. “It is a safe option that also allows us to make some amenity improvements on Ferry Road.’’.