9 May 2022

People wanting to give their views on a series of Draft Plan Changes aimed at preparing Christchurch for future growth only have a few days left to make submissions.

Christchurch City Council has been consulting on four Draft Plan Changes:

  • The Housing and Business Choice Plan Change, which will enable more development in the city’s existing urban footprint, in line with the National Policy Statement – Urban Development and the Resource Management (Enable Housing Supply) Amendment Act.
  • The Heritage Plan Change, which proposes 11 new residential areas across the city be identified for protection in the District Plan to recognise Christchurch’s special identity and character and adds 65 buildings, items and building interiors to the Schedule of Significant Historic Heritage.
  • The Coastal Hazards Plan Change, which is aimed an avoided increased risk of harm to people and property from coastal hazards such as flooding, tsunami and erosion.
  • The Radio Communication Pathways Plan Change, which is designed to protect airspace used for emergency radio communications by stopping development that blocks it.

The deadline for public submissions is Friday 13 May.

“These plan changes will have a significant influence on how our city grows so it is important that we get people’s feedback on what is proposed,’’ says Council Head of Planning and Consents John Higgins.

“A range of well-considered views are being expressed in the submissions that we have received so far. The submissions are coming from diverse age groups and parts of the city, with many of the submitters offering thoughtful comments about how the proposals would impact on their own street and neighbourhood.

“The feedback we receive will help to inform what is finally included in the formal Resource Management Act plan change process that will begin later this year,’’ Mr Higgins says.

Find out more about the Draft Plan Changes and how you can give your feedback.