Supporting communities  |  25 Jun 2020

Christchurch City Council will try to acquire the Christchurch Netball Centre in South Hagley Park as a new base for community recreation, sports, and multicultural activities.

“The position and size of the Christchurch Netball Centre means it is ideally suited to become a community recreation, sports and multicultural centre that people of all backgrounds and cultures can use,’’ says Deputy Mayor Councillor Andrew Turner.

“We want it to become a place where everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, culture or religion, feels welcome and included. Having such a centre in the heart of Hagley Park will send a strong message that Christchurch embraces diversity and is an inclusive, multicultural city where all people belong,’’ Councillor Turner says.

The Christchurch Netball Centre is owned by Christchurch Netball, but the sports body is looking to sell the building because it is joining forces with Mainland Football to build a new multi-court indoor sports centre at Ngā Puna Wai.

Councillor Turner says the Christchurch Netball Centre is big enough to accommodate a wide range of community recreation and sport activities, as well as multicultural activities.

“Hagley Park has always been at the heart of recreation and sport in our city so we really like the idea of putting the Christchurch Netball Centre into public ownership and making it available for community recreation and sporting use.

“It also means we can have a base for multicultural activities in the heart of our city,’’ Councillor Turner says.

“The Council has instructed staff to begin negotiations with Christchurch Netball for the purchase of the building. We hope that an agreement can be reached that allows us all to achieve our goals.’’