25 Jul 2022

The 6.8-hectare tract of central city land that will hold Canterbury’s 30,000-seat multi-use arena – Te Kaha – is alive with activity as on-site work begins in earnest.

Te Kaha Project Delivery Ltd Chief Executive David Kennedy says the current early works programme is being undertaken to ready the land for construction.

“We have contractors undertaking archaeological investigations, hydro-excavation – where high-pressure water is used to locate and identify underground services – and establishing erosion and sediment control ponds,” says Mr Kennedy.

“Over the coming weeks, ground piling using rammed aggregate piers, or RAPs, will begin from the southwest corner and work its way north and east over the block. Major excavation works will follow the ground improvement work across the site.

“This work package should be completed by the end of the year, but there will not be a definitive point where this ground preparation work finishes and the main construction begins.

“Now that Te Kaha has been approved, the early works and main construction programmes will overlap to ensure work continues seamlessly and efficiently.”

The detailed design of Te Kaha is expected to be completed in late 2022.

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