Local body elections  |  17 Oct 2019

The final results are in for the 2019 local elections, and Christchurch has improved its voter turnout from 2016.

The official results confirm the outcomes shown in the preliminary results, and can be viewed here.

"Christchurch improved on the 2016 elections turnout, with 41.13 per cent, or 102,233 votes, excluding special votes," says Electoral Officer Jo Daly.

"That's an increase of 2.79 per cent from 2016, and we came close to the 2013 turnout, which was 42.92 per cent."

Turnout in local elections has been decreasing in New Zealand over the past decades. Voter turnout in 2019 can be viewed here.

A byelection will be held in early 2020 to fill the vacant Community Board member position representing the Mt Herbert Subdivision on the Banks Peninsula Community Board.

The new elected members come into office after the formal notification, which is expected on Saturday 19 October.

The inaugural Council meeting will be held on Thursday 24 October, and inaugural community board meetings start from Monday 4 November.