A new wetland featuring thousands of native trees and plants will boost biodiversity in Mairehau.

The wetland is integral to the new Buller’s Stream Storm Water Facility off Queen Elizabeth II Drive beside East Ellington Estates.

Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to enjoy the newly opened area, with a shared path between QEII Drive and East Ellington Drive.

A new wetland is being developed in Mairehau.

A new wetland is being developed in Mairehau.

The ecology-focused development includes walkways, a viewing platform and boardwalks.

Christchurch City Council Land Drainage Manager Keith Davison says the wetland ensures a balance between storm water requirements and enhanced biodiversity in a space that the public can enjoy.

“A native plant and tree-rich area brings multiple benefits by improving water quality and drainage and boosting local ecology,” he says.

“A wetland acts as the ‘kidney’ of the natural habitat, removing storm water contaminants and improving the environs, while also helping to manage the flood risk.

“The new wetland also underlines the Council’s commitment to healthy waterways and improved storm water management.”

Buller’s Stream flows from QEII Drive through to Walter Park to enter the Lower Dudley Creek diversion.

The wetland is part of moves to manage upstream development, with the construction of the storm water facility on Topps Drain under the Styx River plan.

The new facility services about 20 residential hectares.