13 Jul 2022

Check here for the latest information on how the storm is affecting our district.

Christchurch road closures

The closure of New Brighton Road, from Rawson Street to Hawke Street and the closure of Avonside Road from Wainoni Road to Torlesse Street will remain in place at least until tomorrow due to the higher than usual tides.

Further update on Banks Peninsula road closures

Our contractors are working to open Banks Peninsula roads affected by floods and slips.

We hope to reopen Okains Bay Road by the end of today.

The following roads should be reopen by the end of tomorrow:

  • The Old Le Bons Track
  • Pigeon Bay Road
  • Pipers Valley Road.

Cameron’s Track is closed and we don't yet have information on when it will open.

We are awaiting a geotechnical inspection on Ross Parade but hope to have that open soon.

Banks Peninsula roads

We have received an update from our contractors about the state of the roads on Banks Peninsula. Most roads are open but the following are closed due to flooding and slips.

  • Pipers Valley Road ( from #118 to Summit Road)
  • Tizzards Road
  • Le Bons Bay Valley Road, from the second bridge. Contractors are working to clear the road and hope to have it tidied up by the end of the day.
  • Okains Bay Road, from Summit Road to River Road
  • Camerons Track, from Summit Road to Big Hill Road

A number of other roads, including Purau Port Levy Road, Little Akaloa Road, Port Levy Pigeon Bay Road, Takamatua Road, Long Bay Road, and Summit Road have flooding or slips but are open to traffic, although some are down to one lane. Contractors are working to get them cleared as quickly as possible.

Christchurch road closures

The only roads in Christchurch still closed because of flooding are:

  • New Brighton Road, from Rawson Street to Hawke Street.
  • Avonside Drive, from Wainoni Road to Torlesse Street.

Roads re-opening

Many of the roads in Christchurch that were closed last night due to flooding are now open again. 

We will provide an update on the situation on Banks Peninsula shortly.

Road closures for Banks Peninsula

The following roads are closed across Banks Peninsula due to flooding and slips:

  • Pigeon Bay Road from Duvauchelle Stock Route to Summit Road.
  • Pipers Valley Road from number 18 to Summit Road.
  • Purau Port Levy Road from number 737 to Western Valley Road.
  • Tizzards Road.

High tides continue to affect roads

High tide will affect roads around the river area which will cause flooding until the tide goes out.

We will have staff and contractors ready to respond to any issues that might arise. If you need help, please call our Contact Centre on 941-8999 or 0800 800-169.  We will prioritise responding to calls where safety is an issue or where people’s homes and businesses are at threat.

Just a reminder to please not call the Contact Centre simply to report flooding on the roads. Our roads will cope with water ponding on them and it will drain away once the rain stops. It is important that we keep the Contact Centre phones lines available for those who genuinely need help

Further road closures for southern suburbs

High tide is continuing to cause road closures in the south of the city. Road closures are in place for parts of Riverlaw Terrace, Waimea Terrace, Gould Crescent, Ford Road, McCormacks Bay Road, Cumnor Terrace, Connal Street, Clarendon Terrace and Richardson Terrace.

Full road closures are in place for Palatine Terrace and Alport Place. Please remember to take care while driving, use alternative routes and slow down.

Latest roading update for the Northern area

The following roads are now closed :

  • Brenchley Ave from Urunga Ave to Watford Street.
  • Emmett Street from Acheson Ave to Bellbrook Crescent.
  • Orcades Street from Quinns Road to Emmett Street.
  • Harrison Street from Thornton Street to Aylesford Street.
  • Carrick Street from Flockton Street to Aylesford Street. 
  • Avondale Road from Woolley Street to Alloway Street.
  • Thornton Street from Flockton Street to Aylesford Street.

Tunnel Closures

We were advised that signage for the tunnel closures stated closure times of 11pm tonight, Wednesday and Thursday evening, rather than the advertised time of midnight to 5am. We have followed up with Waka Kotahi and this was an error that will be fixed. Their closure will begin at midnight as planned.

Dyers Pass Road is open tonight

Motorists will be able to use Dyers Pass Road tonight. The extremely wet weather means the crews are not able to work.

The weather forecast isn't looking much better for tomorrow, so it’s possible that the road will stay open on Wednesday night also.

The electronic sign boards will be updated to help you know which route to take. 

More roads close due to flooding

Cambridge Terrace from Barbadoes Street to Churchill Street is closed due to flooding.

Fitzgerald Avenue, northbound, is closed from Kilmore Street to Bealey Avenue. The southbound section from Bealey Avenue to Kilmore Street is down to one lane.

Avonside Drive is now closed from Woodham Road to Retreat Road.

Slip closes road

A slip has closed Pigeon Bay Road from the Duvauchelle Stock Route to the Summit Road.

High tide brings more road closures

With the high tide we are starting to see flooding in more areas. The following roads are now closed:

  • Hunter Terrace from Malcolm Avenue to Colombo Street.
  • Earnlea Terrace (fully closed)
  • Eastern Terrace 
  • Waimea Terrace from Malcolm Avenue to Birdwood Avenue

The Sloan Terrace walkway is also closed due to flooding.

Take care on the roads

There is likely to be surface flooding and possibly debris on the roads. If you have to drive through ponded water, please go as slowly as possible so that you don’t push water onto people’s property and cause damage.

Road closure for River Rd

There is a road closure in place for River Road, from Banks Ave to Flesher Ave. 

Road closure

There is a road closure in place at the intersection of Maces Road and Ruru Road.