Better streets & spaces  |  23 Jan 2019

A Hearings Panel has recommended that the Christchurch City Council introduces a Suburban Parking Policy with a stronger focus on mobility needs and parking management.

The policy provides a Christchurch-wide strategy to address competing demands in suburban streets, balancing the needs of people travelling through suburban centres and those living, working and socialising in those areas.

It aims to provide greater consistency in local decision-making and to create safer and more people-friendly streets.

A new policy aims to better manage suburban parking.

A new policy aims to better manage suburban parking.

Post-earthquake pressure on suburban streets has been an issue following a shift in business and residential activity, resulting in changes to the transport landscape.

Several policy changes have been recommended by the Hearings Panel, including higher priority for mobility parking when assessing road space and support for newer transport forms such as scooters.

Hearings Panel Chairperson Councillor Raf Manji says that after considering the submissions and reviewing the recommendations, the panel believes the amendments will support safer and more people-friendly streets.

“The city’s suburban landscape has changed,” he says.

“These measures are designed to address several issues in many of our suburban centres, particularly parking management and enforcement.”

Council Head of Planning and Strategic Transport David Griffiths says the proposed policy will provide a framework to guide future suburban parking management.

“Our suburban areas all have different demands for road space. The implementation of this policy will allow us to address local parking issues in a consistent manner,” he says.

The Hearings Panel – made up of three elected members – has heard in person from seven submitters.

Its recommendation will go to the Council for a final decision.