Local body elections  |  1 Aug 2022

A pre-election report outlining the key challenges that elected members in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula are likely to face over the next three years is now available.

“As well as providing a snapshot of Christchurch City Council's financial performance and how governance works, the 2022 Pre-Election Report gives an overview of what issues Christchurch and Banks Peninsula are facing, what we’re doing about it, and what we plan to do next,” says Council Chief Executive Dawn Baxendale.

Challenges the incoming Council will be dealing with include strengthening communities, adapting to climate change, managing the delivery of water services, and building and maintaining the city's roads and transport.

“Alongside these challenges, the Council needs to continue to deliver all the services our citizens love and expect, such as libraries, pools and parks without imposing too much of a burden on the ratepayer. There’s a lot for potential candidates to consider, but there are also opportunities to affect real change and shape our community for future generations,” Mrs Baxendale says.

“It goes without saying that every election benefits from an informed debate. Our Pre-election Report is designed to be your handy guide to the big issues and big projects that this next intake of elected members will be diving into.

“It also provides a rundown of some of the Government's proposed reforms and how they'll impact local government.

“Whether you intend to stand as a candidate, or simply want a better idea of the environment your elected representatives will be working in to help guide your voting decision, our Pre-election Report is essential reading.”

Voting starts on 16 September to elect the people who will sit on the Council and the six community boards for the next three years. Nominations are open now until noon on Friday 12 August.

Election day is Saturday 8 October. For more about the elections, including standing, enrolling and voting, visit ccc.govt.nz/elections.