Local body elections  |  25 Sep 2019

It’s just over two weeks until voting closes for the 2019 local elections and enrolled Christchurch voters should have received their voting papers in the mail by now.

Delivery of voting papers started on Friday 20 September, providing enrolled voters with the voting form, candidate profile booklets and pre-paid return envelopes.

“If your voting papers do not turn up, you’ll need to request a special vote if you want your voice heard in October’s local elections,” says Christchurch City Council Electoral Officer Jo Daly.

“There are a number of reasons why someone might need to cast a special vote – you might not be enrolled, you could have moved to a new address, you could have lost or damaged your papers, you might be on the unpublished roll, or you could be eligible to vote in some elections as a ratepayer elector.

“Whatever the case, the process is the same – contact me and we can post you some special voting papers, or issue them to you from selected Council facilities,” Ms Daly says.

Candidate profiles can also be viewed using the Council’s free mobile app, Celect, which lets people browse and shortlist candidates, find what ward they’re eligible to vote in. Profiles are also available on the Council website.

To cast a special vote, contact the Electoral Officer on 03 941 8581 or elections2019@ccc.govt.nz

You can also find a list of places that offer special voting documents here.