22 Jul 2022

Heavy rain across the city is causing surface flooding in some areas. Check here for more information.

Roading update

All roads closed yesterday due to the weather have now reopened.

Roading update

In south Christchurch the only roads still closed due to flooding are:

  • Hunter Terrace from Malcolm Avenue to Colombo Street
  • Ernlea Terrace.

These roads may re-open after high tide has passed.

Roads reopening

With flood waters receding, roads that were closed are starting to be re-opened. 

The only roads still closed in the centre of the city and in the eastern suburbs are:

  • River Road, from Banks Avenue to Medway Street.
  • Cambridge Terrace from Churchill Street to Barbadoes Street.

Contaminated water

Please treat all flood water as contaminated and wash your hands thoroughly if you do come into contact with any flood water.

Update on Dyers Pass Road

Dyers Pass Road is closed following a weather-related slip this morning.

A maintenance team is working to clear the slip on the Governors Bay side of Summit Road, and a geotechnical assessment is being carried out.

The road is closed from approximately 500m above the Sign of the Takahe until approximately 300 metres downhill from Summit Road, on the Governors Bay side.

The road will remain closed overnight. We will keep you informed on progress and hope to open the road at 6am tomorrow morning.

There was no work on Dyers Pass Road safety improvements earlier today due to the wet weather, but if the rain eases tonight crew will undertake night works.

Electronic messaging boards at the intersections of Cashmere Road/Hackthorne Road and Colombo Street/Dyers Pass Road and Governors Bay Rd intersection will be updated to advise of any traffic changes, and to let you know which route you can take. The Lyttelton tunnel is open as an alternative route.

Update for Banks Peninsula

Surface flooding has now receded in most of Banks Peninsula. There is still a road closure in place for Marine Drive in Diamond Harbour. We recommend detouring through Hunters Road, Bayview Road or Waipapa Avenue.

Oxford Terrace is now open

If you are driving in the central city today, Oxford Terrace is now open.

Worst of the rain over for today

The heavy rain that has battered Christchurch and Banks Peninsula overnight and this morning is easing and conditions across the district should slowly start to improve.

“We received much more rain than forecast and it has caused surface flooding in many parts of the district,’’ says Acting Council Chief Executive Mary Richardson.

“Several roads in low-lying areas have closed due to flooding and there is ponding on many other roads around the city. This is usual in this type of rain event and the water will start to drain away now that the rain has eased.

“We are also aware of surface flooding in Akaroa township and other parts of Banks Peninsula but again it appears that the flooding is confined to the roads rather than to people’s properties.

“If you have to drive through ponded water, please go as slowly as possible so that you don’t push water onto people’s property and cause damage.

“There has been a slip at the top of Dyers Pass Road which has forced the closure of that road from just beyond the Sign of the Takahe. Our contractors are working to clear the slip as soon as possible so that we can get the road-open.

“Both the Avon and Heathcote Rivers are running very high and there are places where they have over-topped their banks causing some flooding. We have had no reports of any homes or businesses being flooded,’’ Ms Richardson says.

“We are forecast to get some more rain this afternoon and overnight but we’re not expecting it to cause any major issues. However, there is more heavy rain forecast to hit the district early next week.

“To prepare for that, we will need to release some of the water that has amassed in the stormwater storage basins in the upper Heathcote.  We will do that over the coming days once river levels have dropped after today’s rain.

“When we start releasing the water, residents living along the Heathcote River, particularly between Lincoln Road and Cashmere Road, may notice the river levels rising again but it shouldn’t cause any significant flooding.

“We will have contractors checking the stormwater network across the district in preparation for next week’s rain. Residents could also help by checking the grates and gutters outside their properties are clear of leaves,’’ Ms Richardson says.

Palatine Terrace now open

Palatine Terrace in Beckenham is now open to traffic.

Weather causing closures in Banks Peninsula

Banks Peninsula is also experiencing some road closures due to the weather. 

Marine Drive in Diamond Harbour is now closed due to power lines being down. We recommend detouring through Hunters Road, Bayview Road or Waipapa Avenue.

Jubilee Road in Wainui is also closed halfway at the top end until Bossu Road. 

Parts of Oxford Terrace are now closed

Due to flooding Oxford Terrace from Barbados Street to Willow Street (dead end) is now closed.

More road closures as rain continues

The following streets in Bryndwr, Strowan and Papanui now have road closures in place:

  • Brenchley Avenue from Urunga Ave to Watford Street
  • Harris Crescent from 1 Harris Crescent to 23 Harris Crescent
  • Morley Street from Truman Road to Clyde Road.

Slip closes Dyers Pass Road

A slip about 300 metres downhill from the Summit Road has forced the closure of Dyers Pass Road.

Motorists from Christchurch can travel up Dyers Pass Road as far as the Sign of the Takahe but they won't be able to get beyond there. 

Contractors are on the way to try and clear the slip. We will let you know when the road is re-opened.

Further road closures for central Christchurch

The following roads are currently closed. Please take alternative routes:

  • River Road from Banks Ave to Medway Street
  • Avonside Drive from Woodham Road to Retreat Road
  • Cambridge Terrace from Churchill Street to Barbadoes Street
  • Fitzgerald Ave from Kilmore Street to Cambridge Terrace.

Take care on the roads

There is likely to be surface flooding and possibly debris on the roads. If you have to drive through ponded water, please go as slowly as possible so that you don’t push water onto people’s property and cause damage.

Road closures

The following roads are closed:

  • Hunter Terrace from Malcolm Avenue to Colombo Street
  • Ernlea Terrace
  • Eastern Terrace
  • Riverlaw Terrace, between Wilsons Road and Burnbrae Street
  • Palatine Terrace
  • Richardson Terrrace