Land drainage, Weather  |  18 Feb 2019

Forecasters are predicting a hot few days ahead for Christchurch but the second half of the week could bring some tidal flooding to parts of the city.

A flood warning sign.

High tides later in the week may bring some surface flooding.

Unusually high tides are expected on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, which is likely to cause surface flooding on some low-lying roads.

The flooding is likely to occur for an hour or so either side of high tide and is unlikely to impact private properties.

The high tide is due to peak around 7am and 7:30pm on Wednesday, at 8am and 8:30pm on Thursday, and at 9am and 9:30pm on Friday.

Christchurch City Council’s roading contractors will be monitoring the situation and will put warning signs out where required.

If motorists have to drive through any surface flooding, they should do so slowly to avoid pushing the water onto private properties.