27 Jun 2022

Two existing wharves in Akaroa are being investigated as options for commercial operators to use while the town’s main wharf is deconstructed and rebuilt.

Drummond Wharf and Daly’s Wharf are being assessed by the Christchurch City Council as commercial alternatives to be used while Akaroa Wharf is rebuilt in its current location.

Head of Parks Andrew Rutledge says the replacement of Akaroa Wharf will cause disruption, but the Council is trying hard to keep this to a minimum.

“Our engineers and planners are looking at whether Drummond Wharf or Daly’s Wharf could work for the commercial operators that rely on the Akaroa Wharf for their day-to-day operations. We know that work would need to be carried out on both of these structures to make them suitable and are also mindful of the heritage status of Daly’s, which will be taken into consideration.”

The Council thinks Drummond Wharf could work for operators if it was repaired within its existing footprint and then extended around 40 metres into the Harbour with floating pontoons. This would allow the water to be deep enough for tourism operators to berth their boats. The floating pontoons could be attached to the wharf for people boarding vessels and these could then potentially be re-used for the rebuilt Akaroa Wharf.

Daly’s Wharf requires a review of its structural suitability to explore the possibility of a small crane being installed to lift fish crates from vessels and whether light vehicles can use the wharf.  There may be heritage issues that limit the suitability of Daly’s Wharf to cater for these short term needs.

Council staff held a meeting with operators and the wider community last week, in Akaroa, to raise the alternative working options. Council staff provided an overview of the project and what temporary working options will be in place during the rebuild, and listened to suggestions and feedback. They also discussed what will happen with utilities, fuel provision and transport and access while the work is carried out.

The iconic Akaroa Wharf – originally built in 1887 – is being fully replaced as it is nearing the end of its usable life based on a 2018 structural condition assessment.

A concept design for the replacement wharf was approved at a Council meeting in May. A tender process to appoint a design team is underway, with construction estimated to begin in 2024 pending design and consent. The target for completion is 30 June 2025.