Road safety  |  17 Dec 2021

Temporary changes are being made to the busy intersection of Grahams Road and Memorial Avenue, in Burnside, for safety reasons.

“A significant cable fault has caused repeated problems with the traffic signals at this intersection so in the interests of public safety we are making some temporary changes,’’ says Christchurch City Council Head of Transport Lynette Ellis.

From this afternoon, a new temporary 30km an hour speed limit will be in place and movements across the intersection will be restricted.

People travelling on Grahams Road will not be able to proceed across Memorial Avenue; they will need to turn left at the intersection. Right turns will be prohibited.

“The traffic lights won’t be operating as normal – they will be flashing orange as a reminder to people that they need to take extra care. If you are on Grahams Road and turning left into Memorial Avenue make sure you check for traffic – the normal road rules apply,’’ Ms Ellis says.

The pedestrian signals will not be working either so people crossing on foot should also take extra care.

The final repair for the intersection will not be completed until the end of January, however we are working to remove the temporary traffic management measures as soon as possible, while ensuring safety is maintained.

“The works to fix the fault with the signals will take some time but we are aiming to have the intersection back operating as normal by the time schools open for 2022,’’ Ms Ellis says.