Financial matters  |  12 Apr 2021

Residents who pay for Christchurch City Council services by cheque will need to find other ways of paying from the end of this month.

The Council will not be accepting cheque payments from 30 April 2021 because the three major New Zealand banks are phasing out cheques in May and June of this year.

The Council’s Acting General Manager Resources, Diane Brandish, says there are a lot of other payment options available to residents.

“These include internet banking, telephone banking, automatic payment, credit card or in person with cash and Eftpos at any Council service centre. In addition to these options, rates can also be paid by monthly or quarterly direct debit.

“The advantage of a direct debit compared to an automatic payment is that the amount being paid doesn’t need to be adjusted every new rating year. Direct debits always take the exact amount being asked for on the rates demand, meaning residents never get behind on their rates.

People can call 941 8999 or 0800 800 169 to be sent a direct debit form, or they can pick one up at the Hereford Street Civic Offices or one of the other service centres.

Ms Brandish says if people are using internet banking to pay they need to be careful they are entering the correct particulars, code and reference to include the customer and invoice number.

“If choosing to pay rates by internet banking make sure to use the eight-digit reference number on the rates bill, starting with 73, in the particulars box to ensure the money goes against the correct property.”

Property owners in the city and Banks Peninsula also have the choice of receiving their quarterly rates invoice and assessment notice by email, instead of through the post, by registering at